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Semen Collection

 We need the partner's sperm sample on the day of the egg cell removal. This day can only be determined two days ahead of time, depending on how the ovaries react tothe hormonal stimulation. Some stimulation schemes can predict the calendar week in advance. Hence, it is of great importance to adjust vacations or business trips to the treatment. The partner can deliver his sperm sample directly at the Kinderwunschzentrum or bring it from home if the arrival is possible within an hour of the delivery.

 What are the topics which should be discussed ahead of time? Problems with the semen delivery: Some men have erectile problems or difficulties delivering a sperm sample through masturbation. It is essential for our centre to know this the day BEFORE the egg cell collection takes place. There is no need to hide this problem or be ashamed, as several alternative opportunities exist. Naturally the woman can accompany her partner during semen collection, or the man can bring the sample from home. Further, there is also the possibility to freeze a sperm sample at an earlier point in time. Please note that this procedure includes an extra fee.

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Submission at home / in a hotel: If for some reason it is not possible to gain an ejaculate at the Kinderwunschzentrum, the sample can be brought from home. You need to consider that the duration of transportation must not exceed 60 minutes. It is crucial that the semen is not exposed to temperature fluctuations. Hence, it makes sense to carry it near the body. We always provide our patients with an appropriate, sterile container for this purpose.

Submission in a condom (no masturbation): In exceptional cases the usage of condoms is possible. Special condoms are necessary which can be obtained at our centre. Conventional condoms are laminated on the inside with a substance that can damage the sperm cell's mobility and thus are NOT suitable for this purpose.

Not available on the day of puncture: If a semen delivery on the day of the egg cell collection is not possible, this can be arranged for an earlier point in time. The sperm cells will be stored in a frozen state after an analysis of their quality and are defrosted on the day of the ovum pick-up. If the quality of the sperm cells is poor, cryopreservation is not advised - nevertheless, we will discuss this issue on an individual basis. We want to point out that cryopreservation will generate additional costs.

What else needs not be considered for semen collection?

  • there should be no ejaculation 3-5 days prior to delivery
  • the bladder should be empty before semen collection
  • hands and penis need to be washed before the delivery

Learn more about "good" and "bad" semen quality here!

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