Our location is:

University hospital "Lozenetz"

Kozyak street 1

"Lozenetz" 1407 Sofia city



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Telephone for outside of office hours:   +359 890 333 22 1

The unfulfilled desire for a child usually persists over a long time. For this reason, it is important to us that you can be examined and start your therapy with us in the fastest and simplest way. Our experience has shown that we receive important information, data and findings about you already at the initial meeting.

This means that we can go into fulfilling your needs and addressing your unique situation comprehensively and personally already from the initial meeting. For that purpose we can offer you two options:

1) You can call our center on the phone provided above and schedule an initial appointment. We will check all your available documents, make an ultrasound examination and a gynecological check and organize all tests that we consider to be necessary.

2) In case you have been in treatment already and you have a lot of examination results and information please be so kind to e-mail this information to us. we will contact you and will inform you if further information or examinations are necessary.

Main consultation

No matter if there has been a priliminary visit or not a main consultation should take place because this is when the diagnosis and treatment strategy are being discussed. our team strives to adapt to choose the right treatment for your specific case and to adapt it in the fastest and most confortable way for you. I reproductive medicine specialist will inform you about your condition, the options you have and your realistic chances. You will be able to discuss your situation with the doctor and together you will create the best strategy for your case.

Our team is always happy to assist you if you have any questions during and after the consultation.

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