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Ovulation tracking and timed intercourse


In some cases the couple has very good chances for natural conception and it is enough to determine the most optimal timing for sexual intercourse. The prerequisites are naturally occuring ovulation, occlusion- free tubes and normal sperm analysis result.

The first option is during a natural menstrual cycle - the woman visits the center a few times to follow-up the growth of the follicle. Eventually a medication to trigger the ovulation in the right moment can be prescribed, then the right moment for sexual contact is defined. This option is suitable for couples with irregular sexual life or couples trying to have a child only for a few months.

The second option is during a stimulated cycle: the patient receives medications in the form of tablets or injections that promote the follicle growth in the ovaries. When the follicle(s) reach the right size another medication is prescribed to trigger the ovulation and the timing of the intercourse is defined. This option is suitable for patients with ovulation disorders- for example PCOS patients.

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