Sperm cells

The "run of life"

Each sperm cell measures about 0,06 mm in length and consists of three sections:

  • the head carrying the DNA of the sperm
  • the midpiece carrying the ''motion battery''
  • the tail being the sperm ''motion engine''

The DNA is packed in chromosomes found in the sperm head. In the head cap there are enzymes needed for the penetration of the oocyte shell.

The midpiece contains energy reserves needed to supply the sperm cell motion.

The sperm tail moves quiclkly in a spiral manner and puhes the sperm with a velocity of 3-4 mm per minute.

There are approx. 15 cm from the vagina to the fallopian tube - with the above speed the sperms will need about an hour to reach the tube.


tn_file_vid1270643290-c2cac26b8b6b7928bb4fbe3a1125ab851.120x80none.jpeg   good sperm sample
tn_file_vid1270643276-8560daf1810bc7d66a45a8e47e8db30a1.120x80none.jpeg  bad sperm sample


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