Privacy statement

Your privacy is of highest importance to the webmasters of! We treat your privacy with respect and we are determined to protect it. In order to best preserve your privacy, we have taken the liberty to give you a technical overview of saving, management and usage of data in this privacy statement.

By using this web site you confirm that you have understood the conditions of this privacy statement and that you accept these. In case you do not want to accept this privacy statement, we kindly request you not to enter any personal data in this web site.

1.    Subject of the privacy statement

In this statement you will be familiarized with how we manage your personal information, which is made available to us when you use this web site and its services. This statement also reviews how we use personal data received from our business partners.

The usage of information by companies, which are independent from us or individuals who are neither employed nor contracted by us, is not included in this privacy statement. The following examples are only used as illustrations and should not be viewed as a comprehensive list of all possible scenarios and procedures.

2.    Data collection and usage

In this web site we collect certain personal information when you create a user account, sign up for our newsletter (via your email), or when you use certain offers or services. In certain cases we also receive personal data from our business partners.

In order for us to provide you with certain services you will be asked to provide to us, for example, your company name, your name, address, e-mail address, phone numbers or other personal data. However, not all of these are mandatory. In any case, your identity will be known to us after you provide your data.

Furthermore, we automatically collect and save information, provided by your internet browser, in our server logs. This includes your IP-address, information, saved cookies with your permission, and the web page you have accessed on our site.

We use the collected data in order to provide you the services you requested and accepted, to send you information and other services, to facilitate more efficient and effective work with the web site and our products and services and, with your approval, to inform you about special offers or new products.

3.    Data transfer to third parties

We shall not forward or allow access to your personally identifiable data to third parties except in the following cases. We transfer your personally identifiable data in the exclusive cases when:

  • You have approved the transfer;
  • The transfer is needed for the execution of the offer or services you have requested;
  • The data is needed by a contractor or agent, whom we contact for service delivery (such agents are, unless you specifically are informed otherwise, allowed access only to the data needed for the delivery of the offer or services);
  • An enforceable governmental or judiciary order is in place or

when this is needed to prevent, with full legal authorization, abuse of our offers or services, especially use which violates the general terms and conditions or special terms of use of this site.

4.    Cookies

Cookies are commonly used files, which are stored on your hard drive and not on our server. The information contained in cookies is used to facilitate navigation and ensure that you do not need to enter your registration data every time you use the web site. Cookies can also be used, with your approval, to customize the content of our advertised offers to your personal interests, process orders and offers or services and to inform you about special offers or new products. You can stop storing cookies on your hard drive if you select "do not accept cookies" in your browser settings. If you would like to learn more about cookies, consult the user manual of your browser. If you do not accept cookies, this can restrict and impair the navigation of our website and our offers and services.

The webmaster saves in cookies on your hard drive, with your approval, the data that we collect from you and retrieves it in your later visits to our website.

5.    Data processing and deletion

You have the right to correct, complete or delete the saved information and settings on your user account at any time. If you have agreed to the use of your data for a specific purpose, you can always retract your agreement. Furthermore, you will always have the option of choosing whether or not you want to be informed about special offers and new products.

There are special cases where we can deny you access to the information we have collected about you.  The instances can be, for example, when some of it is confidential business information or when your access to the requested information would violate the privacy of another person.

In order to ensure your security and protect your personal information, we take reasonable measures to verify your identity before we grant you access to your account.

6.    Data security

The webmaster makes an effort to protect your personal data from loss, misuse, unauthorized access, publishing, alteration or destruction. In order to ensure confidentiality and security, all data you have saved are password protected directly on the web site or in an internal administration zone.

7.    Changes in the privacy policy

The webmaster reserves the right to update this privacy policy in the future. Should the webmaster use your personal information in a way that differs from the specified at the moment of logging in the privacy policy, we will attempt to inform you via the last e-mail account we have on record for you. If you have not given us the permission to contact you, are you are not going to be informed, nor are we going to use your personal information in a new way. In any case, a notice regarding any changes will be uploaded as a highlighted message on our web site.

8.    Server security and data management

itellico is contractually obligated to guarantee the protection of your personal data with the businesses, on which premises our server farm is located. The personal data is managed in accordance with the current of data protection legislation and this privacy policy.

9.    Questions, complaints, critique and suggestions

If you have questions, complaints, suggestions or doubts regarding this privacy policy or on the use or publication of your personal information, please fill in a feedback form and send it to us via e-mail.

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