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Terms of use

Important! Please read the following terms of use of this web site carefully. By using this web site you confirm that you agree to the terms of use. If you do not accept these terms, please do not use the web site.

1.    Using the web site

All content on this web site is protected by copyright. We explicitly allow the use of all data for private, non-commercial purposes, provided the copyright and other property rights are referred to in any copy of the content. The contents of this web site may not be altered in any way and may not be duplicated or showed publicly for public or commercial purposes. The contents may not be used or displayed in any way on other Internet sites or networked computers without a written permission. Any use for public or commercial purposes needs our written agreement. Violation of these terms requires immediate disposal of all contents that are printed, copied, downloaded or received in another way. We reserve the right to press charges for damages incurred if the above terms are violated.

2.    Manufacturers Warranty Exclusion

Our obligation regarding the manufacturers' products and services are governed exclusively by the conditions, under which these products and services are provided to us. No content on this web site is to be displayed in a way, which implies a change in these conditions. Furthermore, we are not to be held responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the contents, software and services on this website. We may alter the content and the services of this web site, as well as the products, services and prices named in it, at any time and without a warning. The content and services of this web site are not always up to date. We are not under the obligation to update the contents and services on this web site.

3.    Limited Liability

We, our deliverers or other third parties, mentioned on this web site, are not in any way liable for possible damages, such as loss of profit, loss of data or production losses which issue from the use, from the inability to use or from the general use of this website. Furthermore, it is irrelevant whether the damages are caused by a contract, damage reimbursement charges or other legal clauses and whether we were or were not informed about the possibility of such damage.

If the use of this web site causes that you cannot use your product and services in the initially envisioned manner, we will not be held liable for the cost of replacing the product or services.

4.    Internet Sites and Links

Web sites contain cross-references (links) to the web sites of other suppliers. We are not responsible for external contents, reachable by such links. The external offer was controlled for illegal content at the time of link creation. Only if we ascertain or are informed that an offer contains illegal content, is the link going to be suspended, and if this is technically feasible and reasonable. On this web site, we use browser-related "Cookies" and server-related "Session IDs" in order to facilitate the use of online offers. "Cookies" and "Session IDs" do not contain any personally identifiable information about the users of this web site. Your e-mail address, name and address remain anonymous.

5.    Upload & Download

We provide the users of our web site with downloadable files. These files are provided exclusively for testing means. All downloadable files have been scanned with an, at the time, up-to-date anti-virus software by an established anti-virus software developer and were free of viruses at the time of the release. Any further distribution of the provided files in Internet or in other media is strictly prohibited and possible only with our written approval.

6.    Warranty

The information on our website is prepared with great care. However, we do not assume any liability for its completeness or applicability for certain uses. The web site content is used on the user's own risk. We do not assume liability for any damage or failure of equipment. When we publish prices and price lists, they are subject to change. Errors and omissions excepted.

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