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Sperm and Egg Cell Donation  


Unfortunately, in the case of some couples the wish for a child of their own can not be fulfilled.  There are a variety of causes for this on both the side of the woman and the man. 

It may be necessary, for example, to remove the ovaries as a result of certain illness.  Sometimes, the desire for a child arises only after the ovaries are no longer productive.  In the case of men, the testicles may not produce sperm as a result of a congenital disorder.  The man may lose the ability to father a child due to testicular cancer and the required chemotherapy and radiation.

In these cases an egg or sperm cell donation can be helpful.  Naturally, it takes time for a couple to be ready for this type of treatment as it is painful to let go of the idea of having one's ‘own' child.

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