Older than 38


There is a strong relationship between the age of the woman and the chances of pregnancy.  The fertility of a woman begins to subtly decline after the age of 33.  After the age of 38 this decline becomes more obvious.  This fact should not affect the life plan of the woman or couple.  We want to create awareness of the natural processes in the body and offer individual counseling and evaluation.  We want to inform our patients of the consequences of pursuing pregnancy at an advanced age.  

Therefore, we have developed a special counseling program for women in the age group above 38. In order not to lose time, essential parts of this counseling are fast and goal-oriented diagnosis and advice, particularly an estimation of the so called "ovarian reserves". This allows us to predict how sensible a treatment would be. At the initial conversation you are going to know:

  • a realistic prediction of the chances of success
  • the age related risks of a pregnancy over the age of 38
  • clarification regarding treatment options such as "IVF in the natural cycle," pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, egg cell donation, embryo donation


In Austria, the age of the woman plays a role in a planned IVF treatment, due to the fact that the 70 % discount on IVF treatment through the IVF-Fund is only available to the age of 40.  Since the registration with he IVF-Fund and the processing takes some time we urge 40 year old patients to deal with this in a timely manner, otherwise registration with the IVF-Fund will no longer be possible.  It is also not possible to lump together and register several attempts before the age limit of 40 is reached.  Additionally, the treatment must begin before the 40th birthday of the woman and the 50th birthday of the man.  One can not make a prior registration and begin the treatment after the 40th and 50th birthdays.

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