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Vision Statement

To be the leading and most innovative IVF center in Bulgaria.

Mission Statement

Vienna In Vitro Center is where Love Meets Life…

At Vienna In Vitro Center we offer patient-centered infertility care. We respect our patients’ needs and time by adapting our work to suit their personal and professional life. We explain each individual treatment plan and its progress in a friendly manner and offer our emotional support on every level.


Taking advantage of our international expertise, we offer state-of-the-art medical care and aspire to be at the top of the Bulgarian IVF sector by developing and establishing innovative services and products that deliver superior, measurable value to our patients as well as our stakeholders.

Our in-house developed IVF software leads to enhanced coordination which can be felt by our patients and adds to their physical and psychological comfort. All these factors greatly influence the center’s pregnancy rate and let us look to the future with confidence as we have clear visions and the possibility to achieve them.

Vienna In Vitro Center …it’s a miracle!

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