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Tokuda Hospital Sofia is the most modern multidisciplinary private hospital in Bulgaria, preferred by the people who need contemporary medical help. It belongs to the biggest private hospital chain in the world, owned by Dr. Torao Tokuda – the Japanese Tokushukai Medical Corporation.

In 2006, Dr. Tokuda’s first international project, being also the most significant investment in the Bulgarian healthcare system, was turned into the largest private hospital in Southeastern Europe.

Tokuda’s main advantage, which made it first choice for patients in Bulgaria, is its multidisciplinary character and holistic structure – it offers all steps of modern healthcare: diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation, as well as out-patient department in all medical specialties.


The main reason why Vienna In Vitro Center chose Tokuda as a partner is the availability of key hospital departments, which ensure full integrity of medical care in assisted reproduction at top level through all stages of the treatment and the resulting pregnancy: gynecology, urology, clinical laboratory and imaging diagnostics, obstetrics, neonatology, offering delivery and care for the newborns.

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